If you are curious where this devine cacao comes from:

Guayaquil – The main port for Ecuador's southern provinces of Guayas, Manabi and Los Rios, aka the Guayas River Basin in Ecuador. This region forms the celebrated Arriba zone where  some of the best premium cacao originates. It's 2 degrees south of the equator.

​​Xtasy raw chocolates are made by hand, using only 4 minimally processed ingredients: 

The premium Arriba Nacional raw organic cacao powder and cacao butter come from equatorial Ecuador, where they are processed with temperatures never exceeding 118 degrees to preserve the antioxidant and other chemical benefits. I
f you wish to see how cacao powder and butter are processed, please click on this link:

​The coconut sugar is minimally processed, organic, and comes from Indonesia and is used because coconut sugar has a glycemic value half of that of cane sugar.
If you wish to see how the coconut sugar is processed, please click on the link below

(the video is a Phillipines plantation, not Indonesian, but the process is the same and the video more instructive).

​The last ingredient is a hint of Himalayan salt crystals, the purest salt available, hand mined and minimally processed.